About Vira Baspar

Vira Baspar Bartar Shargh is a subsidiary of Teb plastic Novin group with more than 20 years of experience in the polymer industry. This knowledge-based company operates in three areas: production, services and trade. The polymer raw materials produced by Vira Baspar are a wide range of engineering compounds and masterbatches used in the packaging, agriculture, home appliance, automotive, electrical and electronics applications, etc.

Plastics recycling using innovative engineering methods is another activity of this company in the field of raw materials.

With the support of its highly experienced experts in various fields, the company has been able to carry out successful projects to launch a production line of polymer products by extrusion, injection and thermoforming methods.

Consulting and training regarding the supply of raw materials, production technologies, production process, formulation, quality control, etc. are other services of Vira Baspar Company to its customers.